Canadian Junior Championships, April 6-9, 2017

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WBFSC and their hardworking coaches and volunteer team hosted a very successful Canadian Junior Championships, April 6-9.

This was the first time that Whistler has hosted a national championship and the first time that the newer disciplines of Slopestyle, Big Air and Halfpipe have been staged separately. 80 athletes, aged 12 – 17  from 6 provinces took part competing in U14, U16 and U18 categories. There were also overall top 3 awards for the best male and female skiers competing in all events across the age categories.

Local skiers again did Whistler proud with 17 podium results over the 3 days.

Teams also gathered for souvenir photos at the Olympic rings – big thank you to former Canadian Team member Pascal Gadbois for volunteering her time to take the photos. Also thanks to former hotdogger Stephen Vogler, who braved the rain to be our troubadour and sing the athletes through the village to Buffalo Bills for the Opening Ceremony and Athlete Party.

World Cup stars Teal Harle and Yuki Tsubota gave some inspiring words to the athletes before cutting the ribbon and declaring the Championships Open.

Big thank you to Whistler Blackcomb –  Cate Webster, Seb Fremont and Steve Crowley and their team for staging the on-hill events, directed by Chief of Competition Sandra Haziza and Chief of Courses Jeff Fairbairn and Shane Harle. Off hill we would like to thank all the parent volunteers who helped make the event such a success: Meredith Gardner, Mitch Forster, John Smart, Catherine Power-Chartrand, Patti Lindsay, Louise Clarke, Julie Martin, Agi Conn,  Wendy Brooksbank and Julia Smart as Chief of Competition Off-Hill. Also Andrew Howell, Dan Ternaway and Jo Maga for on-hill support.

Thanks also to event suppliers: Starbucks, Nesters, Cliff Bar, Momentum Camps, Whistler Brewing Co.

Big thanks to Whistler Premier and Dave Mitchell for generously loaning us the competition office in Le Chamois.

Full Results here.

Overall Champions (Best results across all ages and events)

Women Overall

1. Elena Paskevich, AB

2. Olivia Asselin, QC

3. Skye Clarke, BC (Whistler)

Whistler: 4th Josephine Howell, 6th Chase Capicik, 7th Malica Malherbe, 10th Lynette Conn,11, Emilia Oziewicz

Men Overall

1. Luke Smart, BC  (Whistler)

2. Noah Porter, AB

3. Sasha Pedenko, AB

Whistler: 5th Kai Smart, 7 Kai Martin, 19 Steven Kahnert, 20th Ben Lynch, 22 Julian Chartrand, 23 Stephen Lindsay-Ross,

Slopestyle Event Friday April 7th

U14 Women

1 – Olivia Asselin, QC

2 – Gillian Evans, ON

3 – Chase Capicik, BC (Whistler)

Whistler kids: 4th Malica Malherbe, 5th Cassidy Butterworth, 6 Lynette Conn, 8 Emilia Oziewicz, 9th Maddelyn Low

U16 Women

1 – Skye Clarke, BC (Whistler)

2 – Josephine Howell, BC (Whistler)

3 – Rylee Hackler, AB

U18 Women

1- Elena Paskevich, AB

U14 Men

1 – Maclennnan Porter, AB

2 – Edourd Therriault, QC

3 –  Braydon Willmot, ON

Whistler Kids : 4th – Kai Martin , 8 Steven Kahnert, 11th Stephen Lyndsay-Ross

U16 Men

1 – Philippe Langevin, QC

2 – Kai Smart, BC (Whistler)

3 – Andrew Longino, AB

Whistler Kids:5th Ben Lynch, 13th Julian Chartrand,

U18 Men

1 – Luke Smart, BC (Whistler) – Taking part in his 5th and final Jnr Nationals

2  – Chase Ujejski, BC (Whistler)

3  – Antoine Plamondon, QC

Whistler Kids: 4th Anders Ujejski – very narrowly missed the podium.

Big Air Event Sat April 8th

U14 Women

1 – Olivia Asselin, QC

2 – Cassidy Butterworth, BC (Whistler)

3 – Malica Malherbe, BC (Whistler)

Whistler kids: 6 Chase Capicik, 7th Lynette Conn, 8 Emilia Oziewicz, 9th Maddelyn Low

U16 Women

1 – Josephine Howell, BC (Whistler)

2 – Skye Clarke, BC (Whistler)

3 – Rylee Hackler, AB

U18 Women

1- Elena Paskevich, AB

U14 Men

1 – Maclennnan Porter, AB

2 – Kai Martin, BC (Whistler)

3 –  Emile Boutet, QC

Whistler Kids : 7th Stephen Lyndsay-Ross, 9 Steven Kahnert

U16 Men

1 – Philippe Langevin, QC

2 – Carl Marc-Aurele, QC

3 – Jack Pritchard, ON

Whistler Kids: 4th Julian Chartrand, 5th Kai Smart, BC, 11th Ben Lynch

U18 Men

1 – Antoine Plamondon, QC

2  – Luke Smart, BC (Whistler)

3  – Chase Ujejski, BC (Whistler)

Whistler Kids: 7th Anders Ujejski

Halfpipe Event Sun April 9th – Sunny Conditions

U14 Women

1 – Chase Capicik, BC (Whistler)

2 – Lynette Conn, BC (Whistler)

3 – Caoimhe Heavey, AB

Whistler kids:  5th Malica Malherbe, 6th, Emilia Oziewicz

U16 Women

1 – Skye Clarke, BC (Whistler)

2 – Rylee Hackler, AB

3 – Sarah Roque, BC

Whistler kids: 4th Josephine Howell

U18 Women

1- Elena Paskevich, AB

U14 Men

1 – Noah Porter, AB

2 – Xander Cayer, AB

3 –  Brayden Willmot, ON

Whistler Kids : 4th Kai Martin, 9 Steven Kahnert, 11th Stephen Lyndsay-Ross,

U16 Men

1 – Andrew Longino, AB

2 – Peter Verheyde, AB

3 – Angus Crossan, ON

Whistler Kids: 4t hKai Smart,  12th Ben Lynch, 13th Julian Chartrand,

U18 Men

1 – Sasha Pedenko, AB

2  – Jacob Sandstrom, AB

3  – Quinn Bartlett, ON

Whistler Kids: 4th, Luke Smart